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DS Trade software for trade automation

Software complex, which allows to keep a record of the movement of goods, to implement them through the cash program, to receive the necessary reports.

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The DS Trade program implements:


  • Invoices loading from suppliers.
  • Goods revaluation, refund to suppliers, inventory.
  • Obtaining various inventory items traffic reports.
  • Sales analysis and suppliers orders forming.
  • Application of various types of discount programs.
  • Conducting all kinds of promotions.
  • Unloading of results in 1C.



Customer benefits from DS Trade implementation:


  • Reduction of labor costs on custom goods an average of 90%
  • Use of any type of discount program
  • Visualization of business indicators in real time
  • Establishment of a single integrated system of all trade units (office - warehouse - outlet)
  • Data collection that allows data analysis to inform operational management decisions and forecasts of sales
  • Elimination of the human factor, which leads to optimization of goods procurement



The cost of DS Trade software for trade automation.

The cost of the trading program in the minimum configuration is
300 BYN
9000 RUB
The final cost will depend on the size of the customer’s retail network and the need for software development.
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Added value

  • Technical Support by our specialists is possible in 24/7 mode or in mode more suitable for the time of operation of your trading network. We offer several variants of tariff plans.
  • DS Trade program is easy to operate and does not require long-term training of employees to work with it
  • We can customize our trading software to meet Customer requirements
  • Working throughout the Republic of Belarus and the EAEU



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