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DS Flowers software to automate the flower business

DS Flowers — is a set of programs designed for business process management, — from ordering flowers, bouquets and related products from the supplier to selling them to the final consumer.

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In the flower program DS Flowers implemented:

  • directory module with multi-level organization of dependencies between them,
  • the primary warehouse accounting module and the system of output documents formation at shipment of goods from the warehouse with support of barcode equipment (printers and scanners),
  • inventory module,
  • cash transaction module,
  • CRM - module with automation of SMS and e-mail mailing lists when working with the client base,
  • business analytics (digital and graphical reports) in different sections,
  • module of recording and control of user actions when working with data in the database,
  • administration system of access rights to the program menu,
  • multilingual interface system (Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese).


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The DS Flowers program consists of a set of programs that can be used both together and individually, depending on the breadth of your business and functions:

  • DS Flowers Mini - automation for small outlets, small flower shops.
  • DS Flowers - flower salon management.
    The program allows you to keep a record of the arrival of flowers on banchas, to control the sale of both stems and bouquets, to keep a record of write-off, to carry out inventory, to plan and prepare a list of the required colors for purchase, taking into account the statistics of previous sales in similar periods of previous years, taking into account seasonality.
  • The DS Flowers Gen is similar to the DS Flowers program, but combines and consolidates data from several Flowers programs, and is also used to solve the problems of the CBX warehouse with subsequent automated data transmission to dependent database units.
  • DS Flowers Prime - technical processes automation on the plantation of flowers.
  • DS Flowers Logistic - automation of the logistics company engaged in the delivery of floral products from the Netherlands to the CIS countries.

Advantages of DS Flowers software implementation:

  • Saving time on ordering goods through operational procurement planning.
  • Monitor business processes by making detailed reports easy. Reports are generated in real time for any period, which provides control of goods, cash flows, payments and expenses.
  • Ability to maintain the base of buyers, which simplifies and accelerates the interaction in the business-client bundle.
  • Reducing losses and increasing profits by ordering the right amount and type of goods, which is possible due to the maintenance of sales statistics and the ability to predict average sales for any period of time.

The cost of DS Flowers software for flower salons

The cost of the flower program DS Flowers in the minimum configuration is
700 BYN
21 000 RUB
The final price of the program for flower shops depends on the breadth of the set of functions it should perform and the need to adapt to the specific requirements of the Customer.
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Added value

  • Our flower business automation solutions are easy to operate and do not require special training to work with.
  • DS Flowers warranty service is 12 months
  • We work throughout Belarus and EAEU
  • It is possible to modify DS Flowers software to the requirements of the Customer.
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