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DS Libra software for weight systems

Software and hardware for automation of industrial weighing stations with photo and video fixation

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By the DS Libra weight program implements:

  • Compatibility with most of the platform and rail scales.
  • Data exchange with «1C».
  • Operation mode is both in automatic and manual.
  • Control of additional equipment for the organization of movement on weights: road gates, traffic lights, duplicate placards, signs, light and sound signalling and much more.
  • Information about weighing events via email, SMS or messengers.
  • Support for both network distributed configurations with remote user workstations and isolated configurations without Internet access.
  • Work with several weight platforms with a common database of all weightings.
  • The working mode of the axle weighting.
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When implementing our weight program, you get the following advantages:

  • elimination of human factor in the management of the registration of vehicles on scales and recording of weighing readings;
  • reduction of staff costs (release of working time/optimization of employees) by automation of weighing process;
  • high data processing speed and integration with 1C, which allows to reduce delays in internal workflow;
  • prompt receipt of reports, excluding errors and influence of employees on this process;
  • control and operational management of both equipment and data in real time.
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Cost of DS Libra for weight systems

The cost of the DS-Libra weight program at the initial configuration is
1200 BYN
36 000 RUB
The final price of the weight program depends on the configuration and the need to adapt to the requirements of the Customer.
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Added value

  • Our weight automation solutions are easy to operate and do not require long-term implementation and training of employees
  • Warranty maintenance of DS Libra weight program is 12 months
  • Working throughout the Republic of Belarus and the EAEU
  • Customization of DS Libra software for weight systems according to Customer’s requirements is possible
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