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Advantages of Delphi software development:

Budget saving on software development

High development speed in Delphi is achieved not only due to the powerful and convenient development environment, ability to create applications through interactive selection and shaping of components, but also through the use of a large number of ready-made modules (libraries), most of which are distributed free of charge. Due to these factors, Delphi software development allows not only to get the desired product faster, but also to save a significant budget.

High software speed

Delphi has one of the fastest and most efficient compilers, generating good object code that is compact and works much faster than programs written in other modern languages that are interpreted. This makes Delphi software much less demanding to «hardware», which saves consumers' money.

High reliability software

The Delphi software has long proven to be one of the most reliable, so it is used in the banking industry, the major European automakers. Delphi trading and pharmacy programs are also widely distributed.

Modern and efficient programming language

Delphi is a modern programming language that is constantly evolving and keeping up with the times. The latest version of Delphi provides unprecedented client development support for Windows 10 (one of the best in the industry), an even faster compiler that can process millions of lines of Pascal-based code in minutes, as well as a unique opportunity to target many operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS) with the same source code, including the user interface.

Budget saving on software maintenance

Further development and maintenance of programs written in Delphi is cheaper than in other programming languages, and their usability simplifies user training and significantly reduces the cost of development team extensibility and technical support.

Development team extensibility

Delphi language training is one of the fastest (1-2 months), which allows you to scale the team in a short time and reduce the cost of development.

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