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What is DreamSoft?

Мы белорусская IT-компания, которая призвана решать задачи наших клиентов по автоматизации бизнеса, применяя современные технологии, гибкие системы оплаты и весь наш опыт, накопленный за более чем 10 лет.


являемся надежными партнерами для наших клиентов


расходов на автоматизации для наших клиентов


готовых к решению Ваших задач (аналитики, дизайнеры, разработчики, тестировщики)


адаптируются под Ваш бизнес и имеют гибкую систему настроек

    • Creation of DreamSoft company
    • The first contracts

    Cooperation with pharmacies, including LLC «Energofarm» and holding «Pharmacy Group»

    • Increase in the number of the staff
    • New directions: work with IP cameras and automation of truck weighing
    • Work on the registration of the cash program with FR TFP-115 in BelGiSC for inclusion in the state register
    • Implementation of the software for two pharmacy chains in Vitebsk
    • Conclusion of contracts for accounting support, working on the software «1C: Enterprise»
    • Increase in the number of the staff

Наша цель - воплощать мечты клиентов о хорошем и качественном программном обеспечении. Отсюда и название: DreamSoft

Dmitriy Baliutski
Director and founder of the company «DreamSoft»

Why do people choose DreamSoft?

All people are different. Just like our projects, created for different clients. Each project is born on the basis of the customer individual wishes and is focused on the end user — a living person.
The interface of our software is very simple for any person to perceive and is designed for easy intuitive understanding, which allows users to quickly master the software and makes it easier to work with it.
The appearance of the program or site cannot be overestimated. Therefore, we pay special attention to both ergonomics and design.
We exempt from manual analysis, automate and simplify repetitive processes, analyze and correctly manage, thus saving your time and increasing the return on work at a reasonable price.
Our reliability is confirmed by years of effective work and positive feedback from customers who come back to us again and again for the development of a really high-quality and convenient product.

Our portfolio

We answer your questions

What services do you offer?

We do all kinds of work related to software development and IT: create programs, websites, mobile applications.

Do you only have ready-made programs or do you write them to order?

Our developers will write any program for your needs.

Do you only work in Belarus?

No, we are an international company working with customers from different countries.

How long does the work take?

Everything depends on the order, but we will definitely discuss with you the approximate dates of execution.

What is the price?

Our software costs 500 BYN. We will calculate the exact amount when we discuss the order.

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